The AERRO is the utility token of the AEROBLOC.

Fees are paid by all users and stake holders such as the airlines, cargo owners, passengers and distributed according to the rules of the particular contract to the platform, the protocol, the publisher, developers, Aerobloc and token holders. Developers can be paid in AERRO to develop dApps.


Develop anything from simple smart contracts to AI-driven Distributed Autonomous Applications (DAOs).


Deployment, distribution and execution of on-chain transactions including all contracts, applications, interfaces, processes, validations created by the ecosystem players.


Rewards paid in AERRO based on tokens bought on market with revenue generated through the platform, released into circulation based on activity generated by the system.

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Fees earned by Aerohub, generated by support of applications on Aerobloc are held by Aerohub and not redistributed.

AERRO Foundation

The philanthropic use of the AERRO token to support and add value to charitable efforts for impoverished and underprivileged children across the globe.