A decentralised Web3 ecosystem


The Aerobloc Platform will be the meeting point where traditional systems meet blockchain via a connection layer, through which business processes and transactions can be resolved through blockchain technology, removing the costly administrative reconciliatory function from today's primarily manual process.

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AEROBLOC provides the ‘Trust’ that does not exist today

This will allow airlines, airports and their supporting industry to form a true open community.

Provide a trusted marketplace

Automation, accuracy and assurance of thousands of business processes, thereby reducing operational costs.

Drive efficiency through simplification

Re-design, simplify and automate processes from legacy systems into next-generation, efficient blockchain models.

An industry first

As the industry’s first decentralised ecosystem, the Aerobloc will become the decentralised distributed commons dedicated to the industry offering efficient, fast and low cost distributed applications to drive the digital transformation and locking end-user value into the industry for a single global aviation community co-operative.


Decentralisation drives trusted collaboration
Competitors can engage with anything from simple smart contracts to AI-driven Distributed Autonomous Organisations, or DAOs.


Product offerings can be as rich as the players choose without the need to fit within a restricted legacy dataset which can trace its lineage back to the 1960s.


Democratisation and micro benefits, or even micro ownership, through tokenization. Unit costs are drastically reduced and transactions inherit a low overhead in Web3 DLT models.

Value Add

Digital wallets which can be used in the seamless exchange of value across all the participating digital channels.

The MetAIRvers

The Metaverse is finally here to shape the way we will live and interact in the future. There are an infinite and as yet undefined amount of possibilities in how it will evolve or grow, however several large platforms are already invested making this period in history one of the most exciting.

This new world will allow a truly immersive experience, offering unparalleled scenarios, options, offers and rewards to the whole universe, and the aviation space is key to providing its share of incredible experiences to all users.

Concepts such as Virtual Reality experiences for travel and vacation planning, immediate AR booking and reservation capabilities with dynamic offers, as well as value added services and rewards to maximise the benefits of MetAirvers players and providers.

Expanding to real-time services at any point during the experience, from the home to the destination and all the touch points in-between. All of which drives opportunity, value and growth to stakeholders, in real-time.


The Aerohub is a for-profit venture implementing some of the key opportunity areas for the industry. Built upon the Aerobloc, the venture will not enjoy preferential treatment regarding access to the Aerobloc as per the governance norms of equality of access to all stakeholders.

Aerohub will instigate, oversee and manage the relationship between stakeholders, as well as advise on technical requirements needed to bring a successful project to fruition on the Aerobloc.

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AERRO Foundation

A portion of the total pool of AERRO tokens will be set aside for the AERRO Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation known as ‘Wings & Prayers’. This charity will be independently set up under a governance structure and led by a board who will oversee the use of the tokens for philanthropic missions.

Wings & Prayers will constantly be introducing new initiatives which can use/fund aviation industry operations to help support and add value to charitable efforts for those that need it most.