Digitally Transforming Aviation With Web3

Bringing AI, Blockchain and Web3 to the aviation community and transforming the traveller’s experience

A decentralised Web3 ecosystem

The Aerobloc is a decentralised Web3 ecosystem leveraging smart contract models, securely streamline and share data, drive peer-to-peer communication and collaboration leading to increased profitability and truly placing the customer at the centre of all future strategies.

As the industry’s first decentralised ecosystem, the Aerobloc will become the decentralised distributed commons dedicated to the industry offering efficient, fast and low cost distributed applications to drive the digital transformation and locking end-user value into the industry for a single global aviation community co-operative.


About us



Brendan McKittrick
Chairman and Founder

Brendan has been instrumental in establishing successful technology start-ups since the early 2000s. Most recently as global CTO/CIO of Accelya, supporting over 20 products across 350 airlines and 150 shipping companies including running quarter $trillion of tickets through BSP/SIS annually on behalf of IATA.